18 Different Types of Makeup Brushes And Their Uses



Brushes are essential to applying makeup as well as helping with precision, blending, and accuracy. Always use good quality makeup brushes and avoid grabbing any old thing lying in the drawer. Investing in good brushes will not only change the way makeup can look on you, but a higher grade brush can last up to ten years if taken care of properly.

There are different types of brushes for different makeup applications, as well as different hair bristle types and levels of quality. The best quality brushes use natural hair because the bristles are soft and can absorb makeup. This is ideal for blushes, eye shadows, and powders. Synthetic hair is non-absorbent which can be suitable for foundations and concealers.

Foundation Brush: Foundation brushes are usually flat-shaped and made from synthetic materials. Great for applying foundation to give an even, flawless look. Your application will go on thicker with a brush than with a sponge making it perfect for a night out or camera-ready.

Concealer Brush: This brush has a flat and tapered shape with a synthetic bristle. It is perfect for applying concealer under-the-eyes, cleaning up under-the-eye after you have applied dark eye shadows, covering blemishes, and applying cream-based eye shadows.

Powder Brush: These are the biggest of the brushes. The powder brush is flat, round, and made from natural hair. Powder brushes are used for applying loose powder to eliminate shine. Not only used for getting rid of shine it can also be used to apply bronzers and body makeup because of its surface area.

Blush Brush: Similar to the powder brush, the blush brush is smaller and curves more like a dome. Made from natural hair and the dome shape perfect for contouring. This is an essential brush to have in your makeup tool kit, as blush gives your face a healthier look. I also use a blush brush after applying eye shadow, to go over my eyes with it as a final blending technique.

Eye Shadow Brush: There are multiple shapes and types of eye shadow brushes but they should always have natural hair bristles. Makeup artists use a medium to large-sized eye shadow brush for highlighting (under the brow or the inner corners of the eye), as well as blending. A small/medium bullet-shaped brush can be used for the contours of the eye and general eyeshadow application.

Eyebrow Brush: This brush is the most firm of all the brushes and is flat and cut at an angle. Using this brush instead of an eyebrow liner can create a more natural-looking brow. Dab the brush into an earthy color brown, close to your eyebrow shade, going over each brow a couple of times to build an even line.

Eye Liner Brush: These are soft, fine, natural-haired brushes that are thin, long, and come to a point. Nothing compares to using this brush when applying liquid or cream eyeliner.

Smudge Brush: These brushes can be made of foam with a pointed dome shape or a short natural haired bristle. Use it to smudge eyeliner, contour dark eye shadows, and to soften any hard lines.

Lip Brush: These brushes are usually thin, flat and synthetic like a concealer brush. Although you can use lipstick from the package or case, using a lip brush can give you excellent precision. Perfect for applying dark and very red lipsticks as messing up with these colors will be noticeable.

Fan Brush: These are shaped like a fan and made from natural hair. The fan brush can be used to dust away excess makeup or apply darker powders and bronzers. They are great for blushes too.

You only have to replace better quality brushes once about every 10 years if taken care of properly.
Although all these brushes are amazing to have in your makeup bag, it can get costly to buy them all at once. If you are just starting your makeup brush collection, I recommend these few essentials to get you started:
1. Concealer Brush
2. Blush Brush
3. Eye Shadow Medium Brush
4. Smudge Brush
5. Powder Brush

Try looking around online to price compare but avoid cheap drug store brushes which you will have to be replaced weekly and hinder you from creating the proper effect.


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