10 Ways to Prepare for Your Best Black Friday



Black Friday 2019 takes place on Friday, November 29th: it’s time to start organizing to make the most of it, and make sure you get good deals!

We got for you the best SECRETS that will help you to cross things off your wishlist. So, next time, keep these things in your mind, before you rush to the store to grab Black Friday Deals.

14. Sign up for newsletter:

Sign up to the sites you want mailing list now, you will be targeted. So now that you know which products are more than likely to be discounted during that time, guess how they will tell people? Discretely via an opt-in list. Which should be you! Why would they do that and not just publish it? Because they want to keep it secretive or they are being naughty and breaking their manufacture set rules on how much discount they are allowed. Either way, you will find out as you will 100% be serviced by Black Friday/Cyber Monday email blasts or actual curated ones for those sites that want to segment and target their clients. Speaking of segmentation, here is one other hack.

13. Research your product now on say google shopping or a marketplace and here’s why…

Ever notice if you look at a google grouping of a product with multiple competitors and everyone has the same price on the item? Well, just like my point above that product is probably sold at a stringent minimum cost. Those items or stores that sell them are most inclined to discount those because those items are high in demand and bring the store a decent margin. If their suppliers allow, they can drop the price on them during that time. The items which you see a lot of price competition more than likely will not be discounted much if at all on the holiday. Which leads me to my next point

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