10 warning signs of a toxic relationship



one of the defining factors of a successful relationship is when two people come together to solve problems not to argue. There doesn’t mean they never argue, it just means that when they do talk about things they’re always trying to problem-solve and try to figure out what’s the best solution. When you date a toxic person generally speaking they try to inflict damage they’re not trying to solve problems they’re trying to protect themselves.

Here are the top 10 warning signs of a toxic relationship:

10. making you the last to know: 

in any relationship communication is key, but some toxic partners will make you feel like you’re always the last one to know. Do they take trips without giving you a heads up, do they make major life decisions without even asking for your opinion, sometimes it’s on purpose they may not care about your opinion or maybe they feel indifferent toward the entire relationship. Other times toxic partners don’t realize what they’re doing wrong but if you tell them and they still don’t change, well that’s a big red flag. Couples need communication and it has to be a two-way street if your partner won’t communicate your relationship probably won’t survive.

9.barbed humor:

there’s nothing wrong with teasing your partner as long as you keep things light and respectful. It’s almost like a game you poke fun at them they poke fun at you and then you both laugh about it. You’re not seriously criticizing each other, but toxic partners cross that line they use something called barbed humor. It’s when someone makes jokes to tear people down. Barbed humor is especially painful coming from a partner or close friend, they know you on a very personal level so they know what you’re sensitive about. The best thing you can do is stand up for yourself but that doesn’t always work. Toxic partners often pretend that it’s your fault, they might say why are you being so sensitive or why can’t you take a joke, but you’re not the this kind of barbed humor means your relationship has gotten toxic. So don’t sit around and wait for things to get any worse.


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