Top 10 Tesla Cybertruck features you may have missed



Elon Musk announced the new Tesla Cybertruck. And it has already gotten quite a bit of attention. Beginning production in 2021, having a starting price of just over $39,000, being able to go 500 miles on a single full charge, compared to all other Tesla vehicles, the new Tesla Cybertruck has an entirely different design, the truck is a beast of its own.

A truck by definition should be able to carry passengers and do things that normal cars won’t do. Like having extra boot storage and additional towing capacity. But the new Tesla Cybertruck defines the trucks of the future by ticking all the features seen in Science Fiction movies.

10- Yes, It’s a Pickup Truck:

You wouldn’t know it from really any angle, but Cybertruck is indeed a pickup, complete with a 6.5-foot long, 100-cubic-foot capacity cargo bed and a six-passenger crew-cab. It’s 231 inches long, which is comparable to other large pickups. The cargo part wasn’t explored a great deal during the reveal last night, but it was shown when they drove an electric ATV on board, and then again during the brief media drives outside.
Beyond that, Tesla Cybertruck is certainly not a conventional pickup truck in any real visual sense, but that’s precisely what Musk is going for.

9- How much does the Cybertruck cost?

The base single-motor Cybertruck will start at $39,900 without incentives (Tesla’s federal tax credit allotment will have expired by the time it goes on sale). The dual-motor AWD version will cost $49,900. The tri-motor AWD will cost $69,900. The Self-driving capability is an additional $7,000, and it will be added at a to-be-determined date. It’s possible to reserve a vehicle on Tesla’s website with a refundable $100 deposit.

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